Seal by Fiona

Foreword by Virginia Mckenna
Paperback book with 32 pages of photographs.
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'Seal' is a book by Fiona, Hannah Titania's mother, who is also known as Fiona of the Seals. 'Seal' tells the extraordinary story of one woman's remarkable relationship with the 'people of the sea'.

'Fiona lives in a beautiful corner of the Hebridean Isle of Islay, a wilderness steeped in mystery, legend and folklore, abundant in wildlife and haunted by seals which frequent the rocky islets and changing seas around her home.

But the seals, the people of the sea, are under attack from both man and nature. As a deadly virus sweeps through hundreds of seal colonies, Fiona realises that she must sacrifice her unique and intensely personal relationship with these animals to public scrutiny in order to save them from the cruelty of man. By exposing her music and songs to a wider, human audience, Fiona hopes she can awaken a deeper communication between man and animal, and so prevent the bloodshed. '

This book will come signed by Fiona. If you would like the book to be personally signed by Fiona please leave a note when you check out with Paypal.

The forward is by Virginia Mckenna, Actress and founder of international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation.