The Mermaid and the Dolphins

By Ran Levi Yamamori, Illustraions by Ziv Ron, Sponsored by Hannah Titania
Hardback book with full colour illustrations
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Rissa and Larus live in a fishing village with their father Zali who is a fisherman. One day when Zali is out fishing he is caught in a storm. The children wait for him. Feeling worried Rissa decides to stop looking out the window at the storm and she takes her little brother up to the ruins. There they see ancient drawings where the fishermen and dolphins are happy and are getting along together. In the ancient drawings a beautiful mermaid is above them hugging the bay. Things were different in the village from the time happy dolphins were painted alongside fishermen. Dolphins were now scared of the fishermen who captured and killed them. Rissa cannot understand why they would harm such beautiful creatures. While in the storm Zali's boat capsizes and a dolphin rescues him from drowning. Will this change how he sees the dolphins?

This book is a part of an international campaign to stop dolphins, seals, whales and other marine mammals' slaughter. The Mermaid and the Dolphins will hopefully teach children how beautiful and special marine mammals are and that they should be protected and not killed.

For children over 10 years.