Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale

Gold Limited Edition
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Read about the fairy tale of Hannah Titania's life growing up in a magical world of seals and fairies on the Hebridean Isle of Islay. This 72 page book is filled with enchanting photographs, fairy poetry, legends and two fairy illustrations by Hannah Titania. One of the main themes of the book is the legend of the fairy changeling and could Hannah Titania be a fairy who has grown up in the human world. She was born on Midsummer's Eve as the fairies danced in the setting sun, her mother is Fiona of the Seals and her father is The Ambassador to the Queen of the Fairies. There are photographs of Hannah Titania and her family with the seal pups that they rescue and care for in their home until they are strong enough to return to the wild. This book is for animal lovers and those who love the world of fairies, magic and legends and want to read a truly unique tale. This book is for children and adults alike, and if you look closely you will see photographs of real fairies!

The Gold Limited Edition of 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale' is a hard back book with a gold dust jacket and includes the legend of 'Hannah Titania and the Bottle of Liquid Gold'. There are only 1000 copies and each book is numbered and signed by Hannah Titania. If you would like it personally signed or would like a specific number please add a note when checking out with Paypal.

Note: The first 88 numbered books go with the 88 numbered bottles of Liquid Gold Islay Single Malt.