Free Range Miniature Dragon Eggs

Miniature Golden Scottish Sea Dragon

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This free range miniature dragon egg was found by Hannah Titania in her fairy garden. In the last winter storm several trees were blown over by the raging wind. In the upturned routes, earth and quartz crystals Hannah Titania saw something glittering. She pulled away the routes that were wrapped tightly around it and saw that it was a small, golden coloured egg. Being far too small for a large dragon, and having definitely not come from a hen, Hannah Titania realised that it must have come from one of the legendary Miniature Golden Scottish Sea Dragons! These dragons ate the small fish from the sea by Hannah Titania's home and lived up in the branches of the trees by the sea. They would dig tunnels under the tree that they lived in and lay their eggs in the tree's routes. When the babies hatched they would crawl out of the tunnels and up the trees to their parents who would be perched on the branches. The Miniature Golden Scottish Sea Dragons have not been seen for over a thousand years and the eggs Hannah Titania found had already been lying in the open for days where predators could easily eat them! So, Hannah Titania rescued the little dragon eggs and took them home. None have hatched yet, and maybe they never will, but just in case Hannah Titania has put them in jars with moss from her fairy garden to keep them warm. She has far too many to look after on her own and needs help to look after them and watch in case they hatch!

No two Free Range Miniature Dragon Eggs are ever exactly the same so the dragon egg you receive may look slightly different to the one in the photograph and will be unique!

Because the moss in the jar is natural some fading will occur over time. Free Range Miniature Dragon Eggs are collectable ornaments and are not toys. Please be aware of this for child safety.