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Fairy Bed Set

Bed, bedside table and bucket with gems or quartz crystals
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This enchanting little fairy bed set handmade by Hannah Titania has a bed, bedside table and bucket with little polished gems or quartz crystals from Hannah Titania's fairy garden depending on what you choose! The bed has tiny yellow rose buds and on the bedside table and bucket there are rose petals. The bed is made with twigs and moss that Hannah Titania collects from her fairy garden. Instead of rose buds that part of the fairy bed can also be made with acorn cups or other things collected from Hannah Titania's fairy garden. Each fairy bed set is made to order and takes approximately one to three weeks to have made depending on what other fairy business Hannah Titania is doing at the time! When you have ordered she will email you to let you know the time frame and to ask you if you would like rose buds or acorn cups on the fairy bed and if you would like gems or quartz crystals in the little fairy bucket.

Because the moss and twigs used to make the fairy bed set are natural some fading will occur over time. The fairy bed set is a handmade ornament and is not a toy. Please be aware of this for child safety