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Fairy Tea Set

Table, seats, bowls and cutlery as seen in 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'
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Would you like to have a fairy tea set just like the one from 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'?

Hannah Titania can make you one! Each tea set is made to order and with the tea set you will receive a copy of the poem 'Fairies Sitting Down to Tea'.

'Wouldn't it be fun to see
fairies sitting down to tea,
to dine outside in open air,
with mice and birds without a care.

To watch them eat with little spoons,
dining by the harvest moon,
to pass the table salt across
a table made of twigs and moss.

Oh how, oh how I wish to see,
fairies sitting down to tea...'

Made from twigs and moss from Hannah Titania's fairy garden it will be just like the one from the book! When you have the fairy tea set in your home if you are lucky the fairies may come and use it!

If you need the fairy tea set for a certain date please email Hannah Titania to check she is available.

The Fairy Tea Set will take approximately one to three weeks to have made depending on what other fairy business Hannah Titania is doing at the time! When you have ordered she will email you to let you know the time frame.

Because the moss and twigs used to make the fairy tea set are natural some fading will occur over time. The fairy tea set is a handmade ornament and is not a toy. Please be aware of this for child safety.