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Fairy Time for Tea Set

By Hannah Titania
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Hannah Titania makes these little fairy tables out of real antique and vintage pocket watch dials along with twigs and moss collected from her fairy garden. Little fairies usually make their homes out of the materials that they find in the forest like twigs, moss, crystals and leaves but sometimes they come across things that humans have left behind in the woods like pocket watches! What humans drop or throw away can be treasure to little fairies!

There are two versions of the table. The Woodland Fay version and the Mer-Fay version and Hannah Titania tries to make each 'Time for Tea' as unique as possible using different shells and combinations. Each 'Time for Tea' table is numbered on the base and signed by Hannah Titania. Because the table is made with genuine antique and vintage pocket watch dials no two tables can ever be the same. The tables are all slightly different sizes and most of the dials have Roman numerals but some have numbers. As well as the dial there are also little cogs and watch parts on the table as decoration. With your 'Fairy Time for Tea' set You will receive a copy of the poem 'Fairies Sitting Down To Tea' which is from the book 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'.

Please state when ordering if you have a preference for either the Woodland Fay version or the Mer-Fay version. Also, if you have a preference for numbers on the clock face or for roman numerals please make a note at checkout or email Hannah Titania and she can give you the style of Fairy Time For Tea Set you would like.

Please allow up to an extra week for delivery in case there are no 'Fairy Time for Tea' tables in stock and one has to be made.

These dining tables are ornaments and are not toys. Please be aware of this for child safety.