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'Secret Fairy Writing' Fairy Twig Pencil

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This pretty fairy twig pencil has been carved and decorated by Hannah Titania. In her very special Secret Fairy Writing she has written a fairy poem on it from her book 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'. Can you read the secret fairy writing?

The poem is written upside and backwards which Hannah Titania can write in naturally. Hannah Titania found she could do this after she dreamt she went through a fairy portal and in that strange land she was writing backwards. When she awoke she tried to write like she had done in her dream and found that she could! Her father then asked if, as well as writing backwards, she could write upside down. To her amazement she found that she could also write upside down and backwards! Hannah Titania believes she visited a magical fairyland in her dream and brought back the gift. Hannah Titania now calls it her 'Secret Fairy Writing' because no one else can read it! This type of writing is also known as 'mirror writing' except Hannah Titania also does it upside down. See if you can read the poem – if not you can use a mirror to see what is written!

This fairy twig pencil doesn't just look nice. As well as displaying it you can use it to write your own fairy stories. Hannah Titania is writing with a twig pencil in one of the photos in her book 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'.

Every fairy twig pencil is slightly different which makes them all the more special.

Because this twig pencil is thicker than a normal pencil it will need to be sharpened with a knife which should be done by an adult for younger children or supervised.

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