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Frozen Fairy Hannah Titania (Purple)

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The fairy in this jar was found frozen in the forest by Hannah Titania who rescued it. Lots of fairies have been found this way and until a cure is discovered or the fairies wake up Hannah Titania needs help looking after them. Hannah Titania has carefully put this fairy in the jar with moss, twigs and a quartz crystal from her fairy garden to help the fairy feel more at home. You can make this little fairy feel welcome and talk to her; even though she is frozen she can still see and hear everything that is going on! Please look after this fairy until she comes to life again.

This Frozen Fairy is a miniature Hannah Titania Fairy who like the life size Hannah Titania is found on the Hebridean Isle of Islay in Scotland. You will find her playing the harp to other fairies in the Celtic Rainforest by the sea where she lives, or out on the rocks looking after the Sea Fairies. No one is certain how these fairies came to be. Some say they were born when Hannah Titania first played and sang her music on the Celtic harp in the forest. The magical melody flowed through the quartz crystals then on to the Fairy Hill and back again. After several summer moons the quartz crystals cracked on a Midsummer's Eve. What lay inside were little Hannah Titania Fairies.

The tag on the jar explains all about the Frozen Fairy Hannah Titania!

The jar is approximately 9cm tall and comes in a 'Frozen Fairies' box. No two Hannah Titania fairies are ever exactly the same so the fairy you receive may look slightly different to the one in the photograph and will be unique!

The moss, twigs and quartz in this jar were collected by Hannah Titania in her fairy garden. Because the moss and twigs in the jar are natural some fading will occur over time. Frozen Fairies are collectable ornaments and are not toys. Please be aware of this for child safety.