Photograph of Boy Fairy

From 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'
Limited Edition of 250
16x12 inches
Framed: £95.00
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Unframed: £85.00
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Own your very own limited edition print of the photograph of the boy fairy from 'Hannah Titania A True Fairy Tale'.

This is a fine art Giclee print made with high quality paper and inks that make archival quality prints. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the Printmaker and Hannah Titania and includes the number of your limited edition print.

The frames were chosen by Hannah Titania to beautifully complement each print. Archival backing board has been used to protect the prints which if looked after under the right conditions have the potential to last up to 200 years.

If you have a preferred number please state when ordering. If you would like number seven for example, and it is not available, a number with seven in it shall be given. If all numbers with seven in them are taken then a random number shall be chosen unless you give a second or third choice.